Friday, April 30, 2010

More eye candy of the hexagon kind

When you’re just a little preoccupied with celebrating Someone Special’s birthday by going out to lunch, it’s such a blessing to have a good friend post on her blog exactly what you would love to have written on yours – Thanks Linda!

All of us in The English Quilt group who meet monthly at Gail’s were delighted to have a return visit from Linda (all the way from Iowa in the States), and yesterday was full of show-and-tell, laughter, chatter and advice. 

It never ceases to amaze me how wide-ranging we can be in our conversation topics when we get together.  For instance yesterday’s included English PM Gordon Brown, difficult people on planes, Kaffe Fassett, food portion sizes, osteoporosis, bottle brush plants, husbands who cook, Facebook, “golden oldie” music hits, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the excellence of the Northern Territory health service, and grandchildren – and that’s just the topics I can remember!

But I digress….

On Linda’s blog you’ll see Gail’s completed hexagon quilt, along with Jill’s.IMG_3918 But you won’t see this gorgeous version of Kerry Dear’s Candied Hexagons, which Linda herself is working on.  IMG_3919 Don’t those colours just glow?  Linda was inspired by the dark cerise shades of the bougainvilleas, and the purple jacarandas out in bloom when she visited Sydney last November – and I think she caught the hexagon ‘bug’ from us!

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  1. Di, I was at Linda's house last night (got to see her lovely Candied Hexagons in person! Right here in Iowa) She said I had to check out your's, as I am just starting my own Candied Hexagons quilt and she was giving me some tips, and lent me templates to get started. Love your's in the header!


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