Tuesday, April 27, 2010

For all Chester's fans

Our precious boy is now 10 months old and full of joie de vivre.  Chester's bounced right back from his injury and subsequent total hip replacement (in early January) and loves nothing better than a brisk walk around the neighbourhood.  With the crispness of autumn in the air today, and therefore feeling a little more energetic, we took him down to the off-leash park where he ran himself silly with Trevor, another lab we met there.

 No photos of the labs at play (who wants to look at a black and gold blur!), but here's Chester after his rumble, ready for the walk back up the hill.



  1. Di, Chester is such a regal looking young man. So beautiful.
    hugs Deb

  2. Now that's my boy - well done. I can only imagine how much he enjoyed the rumble in the park. Possibly thought all his Christmases has come at once. He is the most beautiful boy - love him to bits. XXX Di & Matilda

  3. It's wonderful to know he's recovered and being a rambuncious pup again.


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