Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Orange you glad I woke up early to take these photos?

Gale force winds, an eerie orange glow and a gritty atmosphere you can touch and taste. Sydney's turned sepia this morning.

We've woken to extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime weather conditions. A fierce dust storm has blown un during the night bringing red dirt from hundreds of kilometres away in the inland.

In an effort to bring you the news as it happens I snapped these photos out of my bedroom windows (through the insect-screens).

Visibility on the roads is reduced to around 500 metres, a mere 2 metres on the harbour they say, and ferries have been cancelled.

The airport is diverting planes to other cities, athletics carnivals are cancelled and medical authorities are advising older folk, asthmatics and children under 5 to stay indoors.

I don't think I'll be hanging out the washing today. Or having my once-white car washed.

To make things even worse bright sparks have been phoning into breakfast radio with every pun imaginable.

Of course I'd never sink so low.

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  1. Scary photos eh! I'm just hearing on the radio that the Fire Department has had 500 alarms go off, mostly caused by the dust! Weird!

  2. Oh my goodness, I'm not going to complain about the dust on my furniture ever again! blessings, marlene

  3. It's very eerie, I was up early but didn't take any photos. Knew I should have moved the outdoor furniture back under cover yesterday though......

  4. I made the mistake of putting off the load of shirts that needed washing yesterday and then leaving my window open last night for some fresh air.

  5. Just been watching the morning news and checking the blogs...and this is all over it (sorry pun not intended) Hope it clears up soon!

  6. I can't believe i slept through it...a once in a lifetime experience and i missed it!

    Thanks for the photos...there are some great ones on flickr too...just type in nsw dust storm and away you go...

  7. OMG, in the Canadian prairies they have some dust ups, but not like that! You need rain for sure!
    I am still laughing at your sidebar photos of the before and after or the after and before, can't remember which....too funny!

  8. Very strange wasn't it ? Take care .


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