Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Feel the love

I hope those little children will, along with their parents, when they see these quilts made specially for them.

My enthusiastic quilting buddy, Di, made these fabulous little numbers in time for our Stitchin' Mission launch last Sunday.
If jelly beans and fluoro elephants aren't your style, then how about rainbow butterflies!!!

I hope a little boy will love this train quilt, with railway signs and steam trains, and a cute backing of train tracks!

If you'll be in Sydney, Australia from October 25 to November 22 and want to join the fun of Stitchin' Mission at St Mark's (Anglican Church) Darling Point just leave me a comment so I can get back to you. Better still, go to the Stitchin' Mission website and sign up using the online registration form.
Remember, it's free. And did I say it's going to be FUN making quilts together?!

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