Sunday, July 12, 2009

Such generosity!

You might recall me telling you a couple of weeks ago how excited and busy I was preparing a sales table for a fundraising event for our local private hospital. This is one of the two annual events our committee organises, and the ladies who come along to play cards have this day circled on their calendars from one year to the next.

Well last Monday was the big day, and when I’d set up the stall ready for the first arrivals to the Bridge Day this is how it looked.

IMG_0960 IMG_0957 So many hands had made jams and biscuits, stitched, cut, glued and knitted to produce this glorious abundance of goodies. What a great team!

I’m jumping up and down with delight, too, as I can now tell you that the sale of this colourful array you see here realised $2,500!

[The profit from the Bridge Day itself was counted separately and is still being finalised.]

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