Friday, June 12, 2009

You little beauty!

Not all the prize-winning quilts were big and spectacular.
My friend, Pennie Griffiths, won first prize in the Miniature category for her hand-pieced hexagon quilt "Because I Can". How big do you think those hexies are?
3/16 inch!!!!!! The rosette was larger than the quilt – good grief!!!
Congratulations, Pennie, although you may need new glasses after that magnificent effort.
Note: In case you're wondering, I did obtain Pennie's permission to publish these photos here. The Quilt Show catalogue explicitly states that photos of the quilts must not be published without permission from the quilt owners.


  1. OMG!! How amazing! Congrats to your friend Pennie xx
    x Sarah

  2. I can barely see those let alone sew them! Magnificent! blessings, marlene


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