Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It’s Tuesday and I can’t wait …

…to see if people like the little lavender bears I’ve been making to sell at a charity day in a couple of weeks.IMG_0858 I’m on a fundraising committee for a local private hospital, and our annual Bridge Day is coming up. As well as providing around 120 guests with elegant surroundings in which to play bridge with their friends, we serve a delicious home-cooked morning tea and lunch (with wine). IMG_0860 There’s also a stall selling biscuits, jams and various handcrafted gifts, all made by our very enthusiastic committee members. I usually work “below stairs” cutting sandwiches in the kitchen, which is fun in a bustling kind of way, but this year will be delightfully different – I’ve been put in charge of the stall.IMG_0853 You know how it is, though. No matter how many assurances that my fellow committee members are beavering away sewing goods, (and I know they are because we’ve had two very productive sewing days) there’s always that teensy little niggling thought that I might not have quite enough goods on the day.IMG_0850 So I’ve been busy coming up with all sorts of items to add to the mix, and making a serious attempt at creating “silk purses” out of “sows’ ears” with the crazy assortment of donated fabrics at my disposal.IMG_0847I’m enjoying the challenge, and I’ll definitely run out of time before I run out of ideas. Every cent, of course, goes to the hospital, and every year I’ve been a part of it our committee has raised around $25,000 – enough to buy a much-needed piece of medical equipment.

Hope we can match that this year. I can’t wait!

[If you’d like to join in the fun of “It’s Tuesday and I can’t wait…” pop over to ButtonsByLouLou where you’ll find the rules, as well as a list of all the bloggers who are playing.]


  1. How generous of you! To donate your organizational skills and be responsible for the stall, and to make craft items too...that's something. The craft items look beautiful. I hope everyone who attends opens their pocketbooks for this wonderful effort. Let us know how it goes.

  2. Well done. It looks like you are getting together a good package. I see a few fabrics that I have on buttons there as well. We must both have the same good taste!


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