Monday, May 11, 2009

A turn for the better

Mothers’ Day began with torrential rain.  My ants pants internet was driving me crazy.  And my children were all otherwise involved.

But my, how things can change!  The skies had cleared by the afternoon, and my DD arrived just in time to hear me swearing my undying gratitude down the phone line to “Kerry” in a Singapore call centre for finally configuring my wireless repeater. 

DD’s suggestion that we take The Princess  and Chloe for a walk to the park was just the best offer I’d had all day.   With autumn leaves crackling underfoot we wrapped our hands around warm cups of take-away coffee and watched while The Princess tried out all the new play equipment.IMG_0542 I had such a lovely Mothers’ Day – and even old Chloe had something to smile about!


  1. After all the pain and suffering with your ISP, you deserve a lovely Mother's Day! What a gift for you to spend it with special girls in your life. Count every blessing! (Loved the bald head photo...baldness becomes you!)

  2. Don''t get me started on Telstra or we will be here for a very long time! But at least you had a lovely Mother's Day .


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