Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The fabulous Giveaway I won …. or did I?

I’ve been very excitedly awaiting this parcel from Kellie at Don’t Look Now, and when it arrived last week the contents – her “Sugar Candy” cushion and cheeky monkey Amy – didn’t disappoint.IMG_0569 Kellie’s workmanship is meticulous, and her machine quilting technique is to-die-for.  If you have the opportunity to take one of her classes you should grab it with both hands.IMG_0563 I managed to stop drooling over this exquisite work long enough to take these photos for you to see Kellie’s creation up close.IMG_0565 IMG_0566 The spots on the ladybug’s back are created by machine.  How clever is that?  And as for the lovely Amy…IMG_0570 Let me just say that Kellie sure knows how to stuff a monkey!  Amy has the firmest biceps and tightest abs of any sock monkey I’ve met and makes my own sock monkeys look positively limp-wristed.  You go girl!

Why the question mark over whether or not I won?  Well, my name didn’t actually come out in Kellie’s draw.  But my kind-hearted bloggy friend Lindi’s name did, and she had secretly entered  for me!!

Isn’t that just the loveliest thing you’ve heard today?

Let’s hear it for Lindi – Yaaaayyyy Lindi!!!   (Thank you again, dear friend)

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  1. That's sweet; I entered that giveaway and was disappionted to lose, but your friend deserves to win when I hear the story! congrats!


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