Saturday, May 30, 2009

I haven’t always made quilts

…but I’ve always loved creating with needle and thread.  This is the house we lived in twenty years ago which I commemorated in cross-stitch at the time.

IMG_2006 I started by making a sketch of the house on reasonably fine graph paper, but ignoring the grid. 

IMG_2007 Then I went over the sketch, translating all the curved lines into squared off outlines.

IMG_2005 The fun really started when I took out my trusty Derwent pencils and coloured in all the squares, then made a collection of stranded threads in corresponding colours.

IMG_2004 I loved ‘painting’ with the threads, and was quite relaxed about changing the outlines as I went.  The house has been extended since we left, and looks quite different, so I’m very glad I have this memento of our home.


  1. That's lovely! and so nice to have a such a momento of a previous house.

  2. You are so clever! Drawing and converting and then needlework! Wow!

  3. "Clever" is the name for you! This is impressive...and I'm sure it's not the only creative, clever thing you've designed. Please continue to share those "oldies but goodies." We love seeing them!

  4. Impressive! I don't think I'd have the patience. I love it when a sampler comes up on Antiques Roadshow - it really gets you thinking about the person who created it.

  5. Beautiful, cross stitch was my first love, but I'm afraid to say I have not done any for a while. xxx


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