Friday, May 15, 2009

Houston, we have a finish!

Stop what you’re doing, pour a little bubbly libation and raise a tiny toast.  Di has actually finished a quilt!

It’s this lovely baby - “Chocolat” – made for my Dear Someone’s birthday a couple of weeks ago.IMG_0512 As I told you previously, I used the fabulous cheater yardage from Moda’s “Chocolat” range to make my quick and easy centre, since I lacked both time and energy to take on anything more complex.IMG_0516 IMG_0517 Moda’s “Peace on Earth” range co-ordinates beautifully with “Chocolat”, so I simply added a couple of borders in warm, winter red, muted teal and chocolate tone-on-tone.IMG_0521Then I finished it off with red binding.IMG_0522 It’s stitched now, but half the binding was still pinned when the big day came – ever tried to give someone a gift, at the same time warning that it might give a nasty scratch? – and it does need a little more quilting in the final border.  Oh, and a few threads snipped (see first close-up above).

But don’t let that stop you raising your glass.  Please be happy for me!


  1. :-))) ((HD)) ((GG)) LOL Ha ha ha... can you see how happy I am for you Di?? I'm toasting you with a can of Diet Coke, that's the closest I ever come to champagne... ooooopppppsss I'll just rush and get a champagne glass to drink out of, you will feel much better if I'm toasting you in a fine glass rather than in a old can... won't you :-)
    I do love this little gem, cheaters can turn out really good if you take the trouble to quilt around the pictures just as you have.
    Congratulations my friend, you done good!

  2. Oh Di, that is so pretty! If you don't tell people it was a cheater piece they will never know....they will just admire your talents!

  3. This quilt is grand, and that special someone must know how special he really is! Congratulations on persevering, quilting around all those hexies. The borders and binding are the perfect finish. Well done! Bravo!

  4. Wooohoo!! Di...congrats!!
    It's a finish and a gorgeous one at that!!
    Oh yum!
    Hint for you...when you need to leave pins in...use safety pins *wink*
    I worked that out last year when carting a quilt... it's great and very liberating form nasties... *giggle*
    I bet your someone loved it!!
    The colours and the warmth are beautiful!
    Congratulations... I'm drinking lemonade :D
    Robyn xx

  5. Well done - it looks wonderful! I really like the effect of the cheater fabric - I wouldn't have known unless you'd admitted it! x

  6. The quilt looks great. I too have given quilts to people saying, "Watch out for the pins.."


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