Friday, April 18, 2008

Scatterday T - Week 35

Last Wednesday, while waiting at my local TRAIN STATION (which is In My Neighbourhood) I snapped this photo - then realised I had the Trifecta!!!!!

The TILES on that pillar were Blue and Square - and there were more Square TILES underfoot.

And the front of the TRAIN, when it arrived, was sort of Square .... sort of .....

I wonder what the other waiting train travellers thought of my unusually excited reaction to the mundane elements of railway station architecture?
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  1. Cool, Di! Don't you just love the blue of those tiles?!

  2. You really did hit the trifecta! LOL

    I have always loved the blue of those tiles at the station, about the only thing I do love about it (or any other station).


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