Sunday, December 23, 2007

Scatterday S - Week 18

Scatterday S - Week 18
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This week's offering comes with sincere salutations of the season to all my savvy Scatterdaisies - and is brought to you by the letter S.

Firstly I have a patient's-eye view of a saline drip, taken one-handed with my little digital camera as I lay in the intensive care ward of a private hospital in Cairo in September 2005, suffering from severe dysentery. Obviously the treatment (and the home-made fruit jellies Jenny Bowker brought me) was beginning to work!
In addition - if you can cope - here is a photo of the scar on my wrist, a legacy from an accident when I put my arm through a plate glass door at the age of 4

My favourite soft drink - Coke Zero.

Some sparkling starry sequins.
Our own little Christmas 'star', Alexanne, hanging on the Christmas tree.
A shepherd and his sheep from my Fisher Price nativity set.
And the stable (or shed) with the rest of the nativity figures.

Have a wonderful Christmas - but keep those 'digis' at the ready!


  1. I love your little angel, and the Fisher Price toys. Very cute!

  2. Wow, such scary S stuff for your medical section! Everyone seems to have such different choices this week.

  3. Love your choices, and I love the alliteration! Clever you thinking of Sh words instead of simply S.

  4. I cam looking for Y and found S. Ecellent choices yet again. Are you a bit busy Miss Di?


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