Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Christmas Tree kind of day

Our real Christmas tree arrived bright and early this morning from Sydney Christmas Trees carried in by two strong lads who cheerfully set it up in its base and left us to give it a drink - or two.

It's a beauty - 7 feet tall and perfectly shaped, with lots of dense foliage and branches - and the house smells so Christmassy!

Tonight we will decorate it with as much bling, lights, and tinsel as its branches will hold. As usual, my mother has bought a new ornament for each member of our family, with a very special one from Harrods for Alexanne's first Christmas. Over the years we've built up quite a collection, and the children, grown-up though they are, always delight in once again seeing "old friends" from Christmases past.

This afternoon was spent with three generous friends packing sequins, beads, needles, threads and felt Christmas tree shapes into kits to give out at our church's Women's Christmas Craft Morning Tea this Saturday. After a short talk by Michelle Underwood we'll all turn our hands to creating a sparkling Christmas brooch to take home, in one of 3 patterns.

Not something you'd wear every day, but hey, at Christmas I don't think there's such a thing as too much bling, do you?

And Christmas came early for me when Lindi told me I had won (drumroll here) a fat quarter from her stash! Have a look at her pretty, festive blog - it'll get you in the Christmas mood!

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  1. Aren't they lovely! Your ladies will have a fun time on Saturday.


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