Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Diamond Wedding Anniversary

My parents, Mary and Trevor, thought they were going out for a quiet, romantic lunch for 2 to celebrate 60 years of wedded bliss. However, the grapevine was working very efficiently and, one by one, members of the family just happened to drop into the garden centre where they were lunching, so that soon there was quite a large tablefull of well-wishers to toast them and their great achievement. What a wonderful example they have been to us all.

Everyone I spoke to, from the woman in the newsagent where I bought a greeting card, to the florist who made up the pretty pink bouquet in the photo, was amazed to hear that a married couple had actually notched up so many years together. I guess it helps if you were married as young as Mary and Trevor (at 21 yrs and 24 yrs respectively) and have your health as they do.

Only 3 weeks earlier Boak and I had celebrated 35 years of marriage with a quiet lunch at the yacht club. When asked if he has ever considered divorce, Boak is fond of answering, in the famous words of Lady Longford, "Divorce, never! - Murder, many times!". He's such a romantic!

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