Thursday, June 21, 2007

Breast Cancer Quilt

In my local quilt group we've each made a block for a quilt to be raffled later this year in aid of the breast cancer research, and this is my block - finished on time!

The guidelines were simple. We were given 3 pieces of fabric - a pink floral, a green tone-on-tone, and a creamy white tone-on-tone background square. All these had to be used in the creation of a 12 inch block, of our own devising, and at least one heart had to be part of the design.

Since my love for pink and green borders on the fanatical, I found the challenge an easy one, and went on to embellish my heart-shaped flowers with yellow embroidered stamens and tiny pink beads.

Now the work of stitching the 25 blocks together begins. I'll share photos of the finished quilt with you in time, but until then I'm afraid you'll just have to be content with this sneak preview.

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