Tuesday, April 3, 2007


When I was telling a friend today all about our wonderful evening celebrating Ian’s birthday she remarked, almost with surprise, “You really get a lot of joy out of life, don’t you?”

Nobody’s ever actually said that to me, and it got me thinking.

Yes, I suppose I do find a huge amount of joy in life. I feel so blessed that I have a wonderful family of very individual and independent personalities, a husband who loves me, friends who are a constant delight to be with and to know, good health, and a comfortable home to live in.

I like to have fun, and consequently I sometimes do some pretty silly things – in fact I think I’m getting sillier as I get older. You know what they say : Growing older is unavoidable, but growing up is optional.

However my definition of joy goes deeper. For me it's a deep assurance that God loves me – whatever – and will never let anything happen to me that He and I can’t handle together.

My joy isn't dependent on what I have , and it doesn't mean I can always expect to be happy, just that God will be with me whatever happens.

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