Monday, April 9, 2007

Confession time #2

I confess too that I’m fascinated by the latest gadgets – it’s not that I own many, but I just love to read about the possibilities.

Sometimes I love what the item can do, but often it's just its cool appearance that has me entranced. When I saw this pink Samsung mobile phone when I was looking for a new one last Christmas I just had to have it. And my adult children just roll their eyes at me because I seem to download more songs, podcasts and audiobooks to my pink leather-covered iPod than they do to theirs!

I already love browsing the quirky shopping site Think Geek but now I can go “window shopping” in an even bigger way with the help of my latest discoveries - two blogs that showcase the latest in tekky stuff gathered from a multitude of sites, and especially for female geeks - Gadget Candy and Popgadget: Personal Tech for Women

Most of the items temptingly dangled before the reader's eyes are only available overseas (and therefore a tad pricey) but it’s only a matter of time before I’ll give in, I know, and send away for the latest toy. Sigh…….I’m such a technology tragic…

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