Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Roebuck Quilt

Today I had my second lesson in a series of four, making a reproduction of the Roebuck Quilt, originally made by sisters Margaret and Lizzie Roebuck on the long sea voyage to Australia from Scotland around 1860.

I'm hand piecing it, and finding the process very enjoyable. And it's wonderfully scrappy too!

Here’s my central medallion. I did feel so pleased to have completed my homework in the month since the last lesson. I shouldn’t have been.

In my enthusiasm to finish, I had sacrificed a little accuracy and my lovely medallion was just a tad smaller than it should be. Sigh……

However, I must unpick it because being out a tad at this stage will mean a HUGE tad later. Got to get these things right. How boring reverse stitching is.

How did those ladies manage to maintain their correct dimensions without rotary cutting, templates, quarter inch rulers and such????


  1. Hi mum,
    Just dropped by to see what's happening with your blog. It seems you have been very busy! Lots of new quilts (How's the wedding quilt coming? :) Anyhow, it's lovely to see the work you're doing, even if I'm watching it on screen rather than in person.
    Hopefully we'll get together soon.
    Love from Lord St,
    Lachy XXX

  2. Your quilt top looks beautiful sorry about the reversing...Natalie


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