Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy birthday, Di B!

It's my colourful quilting buddy Di B's birthday today, so this post is all about her.

She's far too modest about her amazing quilt making talent, and doesn't have a blog of her own, so by way of a birthday surprise I'd like to share her latest, and greatest, quilt finish.

For her version of Julie Herman's Jaybird Quilts pattern, Arcade Game, Di carefully chose fabrics from Karen Lewis' Blueberry Park range in shades that would combine to accentuate the 3 dimensional effect of the baby blocks.

The day of our photo shoot couldn't have been more perfect, with plenty of sunshine to light up those colours and reveal the fabulous custom quilting by Linda Billett of Artisan Quilting.

With Sydney Harbour's deep blue water glinting below a perfectly cloudless sky it was this photographer's dream setting. 

In an effort to be a little "arty farty" we draped the quilt over a garden bench.

We tossed it nonchalantly over the rails of the jetty.

We spread it over a table.

And I imagined it as an inviting tablecloth with a party of friends gathered around for brunch in the sun.  

This quilt, however, was destined for something much more special. Di made it with great love for her grand-niece, Annemieke, who lives in Holland.

Faced with many colours, and wondering which one to pick for the binding, Di chose this fun stripe and used them all!  

All that Aussie sunshine has now been wrapped up in this beautiful quilt, and it's settled into its new home, on a little girl's bed  on the other side of the world.

Did Annemieke like her new quilt? 

No ....... she LOVED it!

Take a bow, Di B, you deserve it. 



  1. What a fabulous tribute to one VERY special lady.

  2. How gorgeous is that quilt......well done, Di B, and happy birthday!

  3. Delightful post! Happy Birthday, Di B.!

  4. it is such a fun looking quilt, I made one that style many years ago - I wonder what has become of it - love the fun colors and happy birthday to your friend.

  5. I am glad DiB had a birthday and we get to hear from you. Miss your posts.

  6. Great traditional pattern in lovely modern colours, looks fantastic, great photo shoot!

  7. the quilt is absolutely devine. It is not only Annemieke who LOVES it but me too (her mum!!). Thanks Aunty Di. And thanks Di J for doing the post on one very very special aunty.

  8. It is a truly amazing quilt and it is not only Annemieke who loves it but me too (her mum). We both think of Aunty Di every day when we look at it and talk about what a 'clever clogs' she is. Thank you Di J for doing the blog on one very very special lady. And thank you aunty di. xx

  9. How wonderful! She's done so well picking the fabrics to get that true cube look.


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