Sunday, March 8, 2015


It's always fun to try something new, so there was plenty of interest at our first St Mark's Quilters Workshop for 2015 when Di B demonstrated how to make some fun pinwheel variations using the nifty Li'l Twister ruler.

She made it look so easy.

Just a few hours of machining later she had a finished quilt top - Voila!

Gillian, another fan of the ruler, made this variation.

And here are some more she prepared earlier :-)

Others, like Perdita, chose to work on their own designs. I'm in love with the gelato colours she's using in these half square triangles :-)


Sophie and Susan have been away for a little while, but they've still kept busy making these kindy quilts in bright, happy fabrics.

Gail's favourite soft shades are easy to recognise in these two Blankets of Love.

We all enjoy seeing some Show and Tell from our quilters, and Gillian brought in this Advent Calendar, one of several she made for her grandchildren, complete with numbered tiny stockings into which she popped treats for each day in the lead up to Christmas.

I've already written about our latest delivery of Blankets of Love to Dahlia Brigham at the RPA Newborn Intensive Care Unit in January.

Also in January Di B also handed over a huge bundle of kindy quilts to Margie Flint from the KU Marcia Burgess kindy for autistic children, just in time for each of the new children starting at the centre to be given their own quilt to keep.

All our quilters agree that the making of these quilts is a reward in itself, so it was such a beautiful surprise when Margie gave us this pretty double package, wrapped in a silver ribbon, from the staff.

The first surprise was a metal heart decorated with a "Thank you" message to our ladies, and Susie hung it on the wall with our other treasured messages.

The second package contained a huge box of chocolates, and we're looking forward to a chocolate-sustained stitching day this month! 


  1. you all do such great work, so many quilts made with love. Now enjoy that box of chocolate with the girls!

  2. You all deserve that box of chocolates, so enjoy! I love seeing those gorgeous quilts.

  3. What all of you do at St. Mark's is such a blessing - to lots of people! I'm glad you received your "just desserts." :-) It's also fun that Di B. generously shared a technique/lesson (ruler) with the quilters - always learning; always making for others. You guys are the best!


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