Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A little bit of fun

When I arrived home from visiting Sarah in Botswana earlier this year I sorted through my thousands of photos, chose just a few (yes, I can hear your sighs of relief!), and created this video/slideshow of our happiest times together.

I've only now discovered how to share this little 3 minute show on YouTube, and consequently here on my blog. 

The sound track I chose was a no-brainer for me, Pharrell Williams' Happy. I love that song, but if you're over it you might want to step away from that Play button right now.

If not, I think you're in for a happiness overload. Enjoy!


  1. It was such fun to see your holiday photos with the soundtrack of Happy. Such cute furry animals, and you looked very calm holding that snake!! Fun to see you on a motorbike too!

  2. love it!! and I love the music too. Is Sarah your daughter? she is very pretty and the two you had such a good time!

  3. great video/slideshow whatever. Your beaming smile personified the song. I enjoyed travelling vicariously with you when you went and the clip was a lovely reminder of your adventures

  4. That was such good fun to watch. I am smiling. Is Sarah your daughter? Pretty girl, she looks like you. Has a great name too! What work does she do in Botswana? My 5yo was dancing along wiggling his butt to the song.


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