Saturday, April 19, 2014

Counting my blessings

To my great shame I've allowed two fantastic monthly workshops to pass by without a single word here about our St Mark's Quilters, so today's photos are condensed from both months, a glimpse of the fun times we have when we make quilts together for others.

The weather has been a tad too gloomy to photograph our latest quilts, but I'll do this soon.

Smiling Sue

Margaret the Queen of Quilt-as-you-go

Sophie and Susan, the 'S Team'

Our new-look Liz

Cath, our Purple Princess

Saucy Susie

Gail starting another gorgeous quilt

Amanda, a 'pink' lady like me😊

Michaela, our quiet achiever

Perdita with her latest quilt in delicious gelato shades ... Yum!

Our amazing Moo

Barb who drives a couple of hours to be with us!

The always-enthusiastic and hard working Di B

Gillian who thought she might avoid having her photo taken by slipping out early

...and Di C who had a special birthday last month, the perfect excuse for us to break out the champers and enjoy birthday cake!

Sometimes someone sneaky even photographs the photographer!

These women, and the couple of others not pictured here, make me laugh, inspire me, encourage and delight me with their creative gifts, and I feel blessed to work with them making quilts like these below. 

The staff at the KU Marcia Burgess kindy for autistic little ones recently sent us these beautiful photos of some of the children receiving their new quilts to keep.

Another, more personal, blessing in my life is my brother, David, who is currently on an adventure holiday walking to Everest Base Camp. 

Many of you will have heard the dreadful news yesterday that an avalanche on Mount Everest has killed 12 Sherpas and injured several more in the worst one day disaster in Everest's history.

When the story first broke the details were sketchy, and it wasn't until I was able to establish exactly where the avalanche took place, and where David and his group were, that I was able to feel more peaceful. 

They had left Base Camp before the avalanche that occurred about 2km away from there, and with the wonders of modern technology - even Mount Everest has wifi! - he was able to send through an SMS last night reassuring us all that they were quite safe. I'm thanking God for this blessing.

{this picture is here for no other reason than the fact it makes me feel happy 😊}


  1. Sewing friends are the best! You capture so much character in your photos. I can imagine how relieved you were to receive a text message from your brother! That last photo make me happy too!

  2. thank God that your brother is ok! terrible tragedy there. Your quilting group looks like such fun and I am always amazed when I hear someone drives several hours to get to a quilt group to take part in the fun -

  3. Happy Easter - the Son has Risen! and your flowers and friends are brother are great gifts from our God.

  4. You certainly have a wonderful group of quilting buddies to supply you with plenty of Vitamin F!!! Quilting friends are the best!!! Lovely quilts you made for those darling children! So glad your brother is safe...horrible tragedy. Happy Easter!


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