Tuesday, November 12, 2013

100 Things Every Quilter Should Do - A Bucket List

 A little bit of fun we've been discussing in my Southern Cross Quilters online group.

Click on this link if you're a quilter, and see how many of these things you've done. Of the thirteen I haven't achieved yet, only two are truly on my Bucket List.

Can you guess which two they might be?

100 Things Every Quilter Should Do


  1. Thanks for the link to this fun list!! There's a few things I'm still yet to do but I was surprised how many things I've done. Is one of your things to go to the Quilt Show in Houston?

  2. I was surprised that I had so many - all but 11, and 3 of those I have zero desire for. ;D Let's see - I would *love* so much to go to Australia, so is Houston one of your 2 bucket list items? :)

  3. Definitely, go to Houston for the Int'l Quilt Fest, and go to Paducah during an AQS show. Happily, I've done both. I found eight things I haven't done, but none of them are on my bucket list. I would like to go to QuiltCon in 2015, but that isn't even on the 100 list.


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