Sunday, July 7, 2013

June Photo a Day Digest 4

We’re already well into July, so let’s finish off June with a flourish. A couple of precious ones here.

Day 22 - Enjoying life

Day 22 – Enjoying life

He certainly was.…and not looking grumpy at all Smile

Day 23 - Last

Day 23 – Last

The last limes of the season on my little tree.

Day 24 - Negative space

Day 24 – Negative space

Day 25 - Sharp

Day 25 – Sharp

Day 26 - Empty

Day 26 – Empty

Day 27 - Into the sun

Day 27 – Into the sun

Day 28 - Red

Day 28 – Red

Day 29 - In my bag

Day 29 – In my bag

Teddy bears bound for the St Luke’s craft stall.

Day 30 - Handwriting

Day 30 – Handwriting

I recently rediscovered this inscription in a book Boak had given me many years ago. The Bible verse is:

“Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot sweep it away.”

Red heart

Red rose Di


  1. I so enjoy your pictures a day. Peaceful, sharp, thought provoking, fun.

  2. What lovely photos and happy memories included! I always enjoy your week of pics!

  3. Oh Di, how precious is that inscription - what a treasure for you to have! blessings, marlene


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