Thursday, June 21, 2012

A peek at more St Luke’s craft stall goodies made by “Team Di”

Some of our items are soft and pastel, like this sweet little baby beanie that Di B’s mum, Margaret, knitted.

St Lukes Fundraiser 2012 013

Di B’s elegant covered coathanger hides a secret…

St Lukes Fundraiser 2012 011

See, there’s a hidden compartment for precious items – jewelry, money, …love letters perhapsBe right back?

St Lukes Fundraiser 2012 012

Our customers won’t make spectacles of themselves with one of these quietly classy glasses cases. 

St Lukes Fundraiser 2012 014

I’ve made some little gift sets for travellers, combining two pretty luggage tags with a tray for keeping together all your coins, jewelry, keys, spectacles etc  on your hotel bedside table at the end of the day.


The travel tray stores flat when not in use, and of course weighs almost nothing. I found the pattern for the tray here, at Angie’s Bits ‘n Pieces, and Angie has kindly allowed me to make them for our fundraiser for St Luke’s Care.


And just look at the braid on this bath towel and face washer set. That Di B – she’s such a quack-up! 

St Lukes Fundraiser 2012 031


Di J

(ducking for coverBe right back)


  1. All good ideas, but I love the coathanger specially!

  2. Everything is wonderful but I especially like the covered hanger.


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