Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The last Stitchin’ Mission class – feeling the heat!

Hot With the temperature hitting 39 degrees Celsius (about 102 degrees Fahrenheidt) last Sunday as I set out for our final Stitchin’ Mission class, I wondered how many of our newbies would venture out in these heatwave conditions.Afternoon Tea 2 We had positioned pedestal fans all around the room to provide a cooling cross-draft, bottles of cold mineral water and a platter of chilled fruit on the table, and a special surprise – Jess arrived with these cute Stitchin’ Mission cupcakes!Cupcakes 3 Of course they came – flaunting their fabulous quilts and skylarking as Linda positioned them for the group photo shoot.Informal Group 2 SM Group 2

What a cool bunch!

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