Friday, October 16, 2009


Much cheering and whooping here – and that’s just from me. Not only is it my birthday -

IMG_1577 and all the family came for dinner last night, including our littlest member, The Princess -

IMG_1582and I’ve received the loveliest cards, flowers and gifts - IMG_1567IMG_1594 and enjoyed an al fresco birthday morning tea today… IMG_1585 but this arrived in the mail this morning…. my Senior’s Card!IMG_1598 It took me almost a year to get around to applying, but now I’m set to enjoy the perks of maturity (and there have to be some), as I flash my card that officially declares me “a valued member of our community”. So there.


  1. Congratulations and Happy Birthday, hope you had a wonderful day. How lucky are you being 'a valued member of the community now', doe's that mean you were'nt yesterday???
    Hope your weekend continues to be good.

  2. Happy, happy birthday dear Di. We didn't need a letter from the Premier to tell us how valuable you are!

  3. Happy Birthday look awfully pretty in those photos! Am so glad you have been spoiled!

  4. Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns.

    Beautiful flowers!!!

  5. Happy birthday, Di! I wish I could have been there to help pamper you even more... though it looks like your family did a fine job of it! You deserve the special treatment, as many of agree about your wonderful-ness. Blessings for many more years as beautiful as you.

  6. Happy Birthday Di! And may God bless you with many, many more. blessings, marlene


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