Saturday, June 9, 2018

Perfect quilting weather!

After a week of rain and hats and scarves weather it was no surprise to wake to grey skies this morning. Were our St Mark's Quilters bothered? Not a bit! 

We turned up the heating in the church hall and, fuelled by Gail O's delicious passionfruit cake and banana and walnut loaf, settled in for a day of stitching and chat.

Sophie and Susan have been absent for a couple of months, but they've have definitely not been idle. Susan brought along three finishes - a sweet little Blanket of Love,

A bright and cheery cot quilt, which it was quickly decided is to be given to a sick little bub in the Prince of Wales Children's Hospital,

And this cute little row house quilt which we'll add to our next bundle for for The Marcia's preschoolers.

Margaret has done a fabulous job with this soccer-themed quilt, which is also backed with a pattern of giant soccer balls. 

Gail loves a scrappy quilt (don't we all!) and brought along this cheery I Spy quilt. We're always being asked for a few extra boys' quilts, so these two super finishes are really appreciated.

Finally, Barb brought along a Blanket of Love as well as a kindy quilt.

For the kindy quilt Barb has used one of Linda Hungerford's original Stitchin' Mission beginners' quilt patterns, Loaves and Fishes. Those meandering quilting lines almost look like the flight paths of the butterflies, don't they?

We love our quilters to bring along their works-in-progress for "show and tell", even if it's not St Mark's Quilters related, and today Gail D had us open mouthed with admiration for the French themed quilt top she's making for a little girl who, at the age of eleven is already a Francophile! 

We each spent time picking out our favourite appliqué vignette. Can you guess mine? Of course it's the pink "ribbon" on the Eiffel Tower!

Unfortunately I was too distracted by the food and chatter to take photos of our busy hands at work, but rest assured there are some simply lovely quilts in the making, just like these finishes from today, to be revealed as they are completed in the next few months.


  1. Looks like all had a fun day. Love the children's quilts, so sweet and that passionfruit cakes looks so yummy!!!

  2. This post is full of love and inspiration! Thanks for sharing!


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